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so that most of your charity dollars go to the cause you support.

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When we decide to contribute to a worthwhile cause, it's because we want to make a difference.



Especially in today's economy, we don't want to write a check or use a credit card for the sake of spending money but to either bring a relief or create change. Many of us have also experienced an utter frustration dealing with charities that accept charitable donations only to spend most of the funds on their own operating expenses.


Charitable donations are a wonderful thing for many reasons. When you contribute to a worthwhile cause you get to make an actual impact. Getting updated on the progress of the cause you support is a feeling like no other. The feeling of being a part of the human family, country or community is affirming and empowering. (Of course, the tax-deduction is nothing to sneeze at, either.) Giving is good for the recipient and the benefactor. To contribute to a worthwhile cause is the right thing to do.


To avoid the pitfalls however it's smart to do a little research before deciding which specific charity should benefit from your generosity. Some are more effective at distributing our good will and charitable donations than others. (Checking financial information - often displayed on the Websites by charitable organizations proud of their resource management - is a good idea.)


The goal of Contribute to a Worthwhile Cause Website is to provide you with a variety of causes worthy of support and the charitable organizations dedicated to them. To this end we provide lists of both with descriptions and links to their Websites.


It's our world and money is your personal power to influence it. Contribute to the Worthwhile Cause you believe in by donating to a worthy cause.

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